Looking for a single strand (maybe 6-8 foot) of those kind of lights people hang out at their camp sites.
Looking for glass or cork stoppers. Please, drop them off at 12027 willowind ct. I do not drive going blind so, please, just leave on the porch. Thank You!
I'm getting together some items for my 7 year old daughters Christmas present. She loves all things arts and crafts so anything will be lovely! Thank you ever so much for considering! Have a great holiday!
I'm in search of an artificial Christmas tree for a family with six kids that needs a little help this year. Thanks in advance!!
Cleaning out your freezer? I homecook for my dog who has severe allergies to canned food and kibble, and if anybody has old or freezer-burned meat they no longer want, I'd be delighted to use it. This will save it from going to the landfill. Just please, it must be raw (can't use hot dogs, lunch meat, etc.) and it can't be seasoned (sausage, etc). Old or freezer-burned beef, pork, venison, fish...
doing some home canning and realized that you can never have too many jars. If you have some that you are not going to use. I would be willing to pick up.
If anyone has a digital camera with camcorder function, preferably one with audio, I'd be happy to take it off your hands.
I'd like to collect some fabric in festive colours for furoshiki style gift wrapping, and some ribbon to tie with. Please message me if you have anything. Thank you for reading!
I make cookies every year as Christmas presents for family, I'm looking for some old metal tins to use as a reusable packaging (you know, the sort of tin that danish butter cookies come in?) The pattern/quality/size doesn't matter, as I'm planning to upcycle them! Thanks for reading.